Plug5 Plus

The Plug5 Plus is the latest evolution of our fully integrated power supply for your bike. The integrated rechargeable battery makes sure you can also charge your device under difficult charging conditions like slow pace or high power consumtion.

The Plug5 Plus functions:

  • The Rotary-Door twist lock mechanism closes the USB-C port completely and protects it from moisture and dirt.
  • Smart Charge: the Plug5 Plus adapts to the dynamo hub and optimizes the charging current
  • The integrated mini-power-bank makes sure you have energy while stopping or going at a slow pace.
  • Intelligent Device Management: the integrated charging circuit recognizes automatically your device and negotiates the correct charging current.
  • Auto-Light-Switch: switches automatically between the different charging modes. This allows charging and operating the light at the same time.
  • Auto-Power-Save: the Auto-Power-Save will be activated automatically depending on the power level of the mini-power-bank and optimizes the buffer functionality.

**Please note that the first shipment of the Plug5 Plus (purchased before May 2018) have a BLUE-coloured wire instead of the GREEN that is noted in the manual.


  • Symmetrical stainless steel USB type-C port simplifies the cable handling
  • Completely sealed electronic unit
  • Tough aluminum housing, corrosion-resistant, withstands serious impacts
  • LED with charge indicator
  • Integrated battery charges from 7 km/h up to 1,2A charging current
  • Charging during stops possible
  • PET reinforced cable
  • Integrated mini power bank
  • Auto-Light-Switch
  • Integrated expander including cable twist protection
  • Rotary-Door twist lock
  • Temperature range: -15/+60

Plug5 Plus with Rotary-Door twist lock
Intelligent Device Management

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Device Information: Check our device test page to see if your device has been tested.