FAQs Shift:R

General Use

1. What is the Shift:R?
The Shift:R is a thumb shifter for the Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 which can be used on a hub with external gear mech. Two levers replace the original twist grip.

2. On which bike-types can I mount the Shift:R?
The Shift:R can be used on trekking-, city-, road-,  racing- and mountain bikes. The only 2 things you need to pay attention to are the fitting hub (point 3) and matching handlebar (point 4).

3. Which hubs are compatible with the Shift:R?
The Shift:R is designed to work on the Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 with external gear mech.

4. Do I need a special handlebar?The Shift:R can be used on drop bars as well as on conventional flat bars. They only need to have a clamping diameter of 22,2mm (flat bar) or 31,8mm (drop bar). With the drop bar, it is also important to have a clamping area (of 31,8mm) that is at least 12cm broad to make sure it is possible to mount the two levers.

5. What shifting logics does the Shift:R use?
The Shift:R uses the EasyShift system, a simplified shifting logic with separate levers for low and high gears, which makes it easy to get used to. It also allows you to choose on which side you want to shift into a higher or lower gear.

6. How many gears can I shift at once?You can shift two gears in every single shifting process.

7. Which cable housings do I use?
Cable index housings have to be used in any case. Break housings have an altering length due to their winding. They don’t allow the same defined shifting process as index housings.

8. Which shifter cables can I use?
You can use any cable with a maximum nipple diameter of 4,5mm. You might prefer cables with a minimal friction to get a well-defined shifting process.

9. Can I use the Shift:R with a rear stand?
Yes. The Shift:R box is slightly smaller than the original Rohloff box, the Shift:R therefore fits any bike with a rear stand that already uses a Rohloff box.

10. Can I mount my Shift:R to a tandem bike?
Yes. But in this case it is very important to pay attention to a continuous and straight cable routing as well as to high quality cables. This is due to the significantly prolonged cables and the resulting higher friction.

11. What parts are included in delivery?
Included in delivery are the shifter box with installed cables, as well as 2 wire end caps, 4 housing end caps and two levers for either flat bar or drop bar, depending on your order. The index cable housings are not included in delivery.

12. When should maintenance be carried out?
You should maintain your Shift:R parallel to your Speedhub. (Every 5000km or at least once per year). Use 5-10 drops of low viscosity oil with SAE10. Also see the manual for maintenance instructions.

13. My Shift:R doesn’t shift after initial installation.
If sufficient shifting capacity isn’t given after initial installation, the cables might not be clamped and/or adjusted correctly. Never clamp the cables under pretension, the ratchets won’t demesh in a proper way. Please follow the installation instructions in the manual!

14. The Shift:R makes strange noises while shifting.
If this happens right after the installation, see point 13. If it happened after a run-in phase, readjust the cable adjusters. Please follow the installation instructions in the manual!


1. Can I mount the Shift:R all by myself?
Yes. If in doubt, ask your authorised dealer. In general, installation shouldn’t be a problem if you have got some craftsmanship and the right tools as mentioned in the manual.

2. What needs to be considered on initial installation?
See the Shift:R manual for detailed instructions!

3. What is important about cable routing?
When you route the cable housings, pay attention to not bending the housings overly and try to avoid a non-continuous housing. Following these instructions will lead to a minimal frictional resistance and a smooth shifting process.

4. Do I need to synchronize the Shift:R with my Speedhub?
No. Due to the ORS-technology, the engaged gear is not of importance. Hub and Shift:R do not require synchronization.

5. How can I change my shifter cables?
Detailed instructions can be found in the Shift:R manual.