FAQs Smart Power Pack

General Use

1. What is the Smart Power Pack (SPP)?
The SPP is a handheld outdoor USB buffer battery for a bicycle hub dynamo power supply, especially the plug III. The SPP charges almost every electronic device like GPS, Mp3player or smartphones, as long as they can be charged with a USB cable. It also has a built-in LED flashlight with the Smart functions lamp, tail-light and SOS mode that last up to 3 days.

2. Why do I need a buffer battery?
Your hub dynamo power supply cannot always provide a continuous current if circumstances like urban stop and go traffic or steep uphill tracks won’t allow a constant or adequate travel speed. This results in status messages on your gadget, because it is not constantly charged. To prevent this, the SPP is working as a buffer between power supply and gadget. It is of great importance that both connectors can be used at the same time and that the electronics allow both charging and discharging at the same time.

3. What are the SPPs application areas?
The SPP was designed for backpackers, adventurers and especially cyclists, who want to take electronic devices on their journeys and also charge them on the go. The SPP works as a stand-alone, but it’s also a perfect addition to the Plug III, which allows a recharging of the SPP on the road. It can be used on any bicycle tour and on every bike, no matter if trekking-, city-, road-, racing- or mountain bike.

4. What’s the difference between the SPP and conventional buffer batteries?
The advantage of the SPP is the fact that it can charge itself from the Plug while powering your gadget. The unique FLEXCHARGE system allows it to even charge from speeds as low as 7km/h. Furthermore, it’s highly recommendable for any outdoor activity, its aluminum housing makes it very tough and its versatile smart functions reduce your equipment on the road.

5. What is the FLEXCHARGE system?
The FLEXCHARGE system allows you to regulate the charging current of the SPP. With this unique function it is possible to charge the SPP from 7km/h, as well as with high speed at a power outlet. This means you are using your hubs power most efficiently at any given speed. For the adjusting options of the FLEXCHARGE system see point 17. 

6. Under what conditions shouldn’t I use the SPP?
The SPP should not be used in heavy rains without rubber caps because the connector can get wet if a cable is plugged in. Extreme temperatures below -10°C or above 50°C can reduce the durability of the battery cell. The optimum operating temperature range for the SPP is between 10°C and 35°C.

7. How can I charge my SPP?
You can charge the SPP via its micro-USB connector to any USB power supply that meets the USB specifications (e.g. USB outlet power supply, The Plug III, PC connectors…). The only thing you should pay attention to is the maximum amperage of your power supply, so the FLEXCHARGE system can charge at an optimum speed.

8. Is the SPP splash proof?
With closed rubber cap, the SPP is protected against splash water like light rain. Steam-jets cannot be used to clean the SPP!

9. Is an SPP with plugged-in USB cable waterproof?
Waterproofness is not given if a device is connected to the SPP, due to the open connectors on both sides of the cable.

10. My SPP doesn’t charge on the Plug III!
Your FLEXCHARGE system is probably set to a higher charging rate than your dynamo can deliver. See point 22 for possible settings. If the SPP starts charging at more than 20km/h speed, the fast charge mode might be activated. Please use a slower charging mode.     

11. My SPP is charging very slowly on the power outlet.
Your FLEXCHARGE system is probably set to a slow charging mode. See point 22 for possible settings. If the SPP doesn’t fast charge on the power outlet, set it to the 900mA fast charge mode.

Mobile Devices

1. With which devices can I use the SPP?
The SPP works with basically every gadget that can be charged via USB. This is the bigger part of mobile phones, mp3-players and GPS-gadgets. Unfortunately it’s not possible for us to test every devise, due to the high number of different brands and types. Please determine your devices characteristics on USB charging with the manufacturer.

2. Can I charge my iPhone or other smartphone on the SPP?
Yes, without any special cable. The exact functionality of your device depends on its power requirement. It will be charged if it doesn’t exceed 1,5A or 7,5W. Unfortunately it’s not possible for us to test every devise, due to the high number of different brands and types. Please determine your devices characteristics on USB charging with the manufacturer.

3. Can I charge my tablet-PC with the SPP?
Yes, as long as it’s power-requirement doesn’t exceed 1,5A / 7,5W.

4. Can I charge more than one gadget at the same time?
Yes, but you need a multi-plug. Further, the power demand of all devices combined cannot be higher than 1,5A / 7,5W.

Technical Information

1. What possible settings and functions has the SPP?
The SPP features a LED flashlight, with a white LED in the front and two red LEDs at the back that have different operating modes. It also has a charging current adaptation, a charge status indicator as well as an adjustable “auto on/off” function.

2. What lighting modes and smart functions are supported by the SPP?
The flashlight has the operating modes “flashlight”, “backup rear light” and optical “SOS”. They can be set up as described in the following scheme:

3. How big is the battery cells capacity?
The lithium ion battery has a capacity of ≥ 3000mAh at a nominal voltage of 3,7V.

4. What power output can the SPP provide?

The SPP can provide a maximum output power of 7,5W. This equals a current of 1,5A or 1500mA at the USB specification voltage of 5V.

5. Do I need a special cable to charge the SPP?

No. You can use a conventional micro USB to charge the SPP. The SPP’s outlet is a type A standard USB connector. The out-bound cable is determined by your end device.

6. What speed is required to charge the SPP from a hub dynamo?

The FLEXCHARGE system allows the SPP to charge itself from an input current of 100mA. The Plug III provides this current from a bicycle speed of around 7 km/h. The exact setting possibilities can be seen under point 22.

7. How do I set up the FLEXCHARGE system?

You can set up the FLEXCHARGE system as shown in the scheme below. You have the choice between 3 charging current steps (speeds refer to a supply through the Plug III with a 6V/3W hub dynamo and 26” wheels):

· 100mA for a slow charging rate at very low speeds from 7km/h
· 400mA for bicycle tours with speeds above 12km/h
· 900mA fast charge mode for wall sockets or speeds above 30km/h

8. Can I damage the SPP through improper charging?
No. The SPP’s integrated charging electronics prevent deep discharges and overcharges.

9. What’s the meaning of the LED displays?
The SPP has a charge status indicator that informs you about the current state of charge by its color. The charging indicator is lit if the charging progress is ongoing. The two rear light LEDs can be activated through the smart function menu.


1. On which bicycles can the SPP be mounted?
It can be mounted on trekking-, city-, road-, racing- or mountain bikes. The X-Mount allows an installation without any restrictions to the type of bike or handlebar. The X-Mount is available as optional accessory.

2. Can I mount the SPP all by myself?
Yes. Because of the X-Mount, the SPP is mounted in a matter of seconds without any technical knowledge.

3. How do I mount the SPP?
The optimum way of attaching the SPP to your bike is to use our X-Mount. It allows mounting and dismounting the SPP without screws and on any part of the bicycle.