FAQs Plug5 Plus

General Use

1. Can I charge any device with the Plug5 Plus? 
Notebooks and other devices that require more charging current that 1.2A (@5V) cannot or only limited charged.

2. What happens at a stop light?
Your device will be powered/charged from the Plug5 Plus.

3. Are fast charge technologies like QuickCharge(R) supported?
No. These are proprietary technologies. The Plug5 Plus support fast charging according to USB-C Spec.

4. Do I need a special cable?
No, but there are cables out there that do not meet USB spec and might not work. Please use our recommend cables.

5. Is the charging state of my device of relevance?
Yes. A fully charged device requires much less power than an empty device. The Plug5 Plus will charge your device at the maximum possible speed until the PowerModule reaches a certain threshold when it reduces charging output. This is to allow the PowerModule to operate as long as possible.

6. Can I just charge a device?
Yes. To charge but not to operate your device we recommend to turn off your device.

7. Can misuse the Plug5 Plus?
No, not really if you device meets the USB standard.

8. What is the Plug5 Plus' range of application?
The ranges of application are bicycle tours of all kind. There are no restrictions of usability, it can be installed on trekking-, city-, road-, racing- or mountain bikes.

9. Can I use the Plug5 Plus on my E-bike?
It depends. The Plug5 Plus is powered by alternating current delivered by a dynamo hub. Therefore it is not possible to connect it to the direct-current supply of an e-bike battery. If your E-Bike has a dynamo it is no different than a regular bike so in that case it is possible.

10. Is the Plug5 Plus protected against theft?
Yes. Due to its bolted connection to the ahead expander, it cannot be taken away easily.

11. Is the Plug5 Plus waterresistant/waterproof when there is a device connected?
There is no water protection if a device is connected due to the cable connection.

12. Is the Plug5 Plus waterresistant/waterproof?
Yes, it is waterresistant. Don't use high pressure cleaners though, this will void your warranty.

13. At what speed does the Plug5 Plus charge?
Depending on your wheel size (smaller tires charges earlier) the Plug5 Plus charged at approx. 6-7km/h. Your device is charging independant if your are moving or not.

14. How does the Auto-Light-Switch work?
The Plug5 Plus recognizes automatically if you are riding with lights or not and prioritizes the light. While you ride with light, the Plug5 Plus operates only with a bare minimum of power so that you have the full brightness of your light available. Even though the PowerModule does not get charged while in light mode, you can sitll charge your device.

15. What if I use daytime running light?
This depends on the power consumption of your light. We recommend to turn it off to get full charge.



Technical Information

1. What is the Plug5 Plus? 
The Plug5 Plus is an independent USB chargerwhich is powered by a bicycle hub dynamo.

2. What makes it different to other chargers?
The Plug5 Plus has an itegrated PowerModule (battery) in the steering tube. Our Smart Charge and Intelligent Device Management technologies optimize the charge and discharge process dynamically depending on your power requirements and you dynamo performance. The integrated battery buffers PowerModule allows you charge your device without interruption.

3. How do the Plug III and the Plug5 Plus compare? 
The Plug5 Plus is currently the most modern device on the market and it is plug an play with most devices. To achieve a similar functionality on the Plug III you require the Smart Power Pack II as an option. This combination also allows you to charge devices away from your bike, as the Smart Power Pack II is portable.

4. Can I use the Plug5 Plus in freezing temperatures?
Yes, the special battery technology allows operating temperatures down to -15°C. Please not that humidity between the rotary door can freeze.

5. What ist the capacity of the PowerModule?
The capacity is approx. 1500mAh.

6. How long does the capacity of the PowerModule last?
A generic statement is not possible, as this depends on your riding speed and the discharging speed of your device.

7. Can I use the Plug5 Plus on every bike?
The Plug5 Plus is available with many bikes as an option, for example with our bike brand tout terrain. It can also be installed in many other bikes that have an 1 1/8" aheadset system and a cable routing possibility through the bottom of your fork steer tube to the dynamo.

8. What dynamos work with the Plug5 Plus?
All dynamos with 3W/6V AC output. Older models for sidewalls and 1.5W dynamos have not been tested.